About Me

This brand was created by Aliyah Jacobs to provide the world with a new perception of lingerie. The name Skinns evolves from the idea of a second layer of skin. Our lingerie pieces have intricate and rare silhouettes that showcases skin in a way never seen before. Not only are the pieces exclusive, but also give the woman who is wearing it an untapped sex appeal. Aliyah is a 24 year old designer and graduate of Pratt Institute with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Fashion Design. Aliyah is a Fayetteville, NC native, now based in Brooklyn, NY. Since age 8, she developed her skill by studying art and design, to one day build a brand of her own. Aliyah has also perfected her skill outside of the classroom, by collaborating, volunteering, interning, and working as a designer in various parts of the fashion industry. Aliyah has proudly worked with the following brands: Michael Kors, Victoria's Secret PINK,  Lululemon, and DKNY.


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Made  In Brooklyn